Announcing The People’s Market!

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Empire Kred


The launch of the People’s Market brings Empire Avenue one step closer to realizing our original vision. The People’s Market is one way we can help you monetize yourself, your skills and your networks.

The People’s Market closes the loop between social media analysis, social media promotion, advertising and social fun.

Anyone on Empire Avenue can list their creations for sale directly through PayPal, commission free! The price of an item listed in the People’s Market is selected by the seller, and they can choose to sell the item at a USD price or for Vees! Items can be digital prints, physical prints, books, e-books, podcasts, but they could also be your knowledge and your networks: We’ll be allowing consultation services, knowledge transfer and other service type items.

We’ve also enabled the ability for people to hand out Vees as a bonus for purchasing an item, post-purchase! For example you…

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